Mükemmelliğin doğuşu: en ince ayrıntısına kadar

Did you know... The process makes all the difference. As do the experts. Whether manufacturing implants for knees, hips or spinal columns, or producing surgical instruments for endoscopic and arthroscopic procedures (such as scissors, needle holders and forceps) – medical products vary considerably, with each one presenting new challenges and tasks. The team of experts at the CHIRON Group's Medical and Precision Technology Center address these challenges with manufacturing processes which are just as unique

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A center for precision. With countless benefits.
High-precision machining centers for complete solutions to name one. Another is maximum process reliability. Guaranteed by the expertise at the CHIRON Group Medical & Precision Technology Center. There is a team of specialists with the sole task of transferring your requirements to the best product and appropriately designed manufacturing process.

Particularly noteworthy is the rule that not one workpiece is the same as another, each part presents new challenges. Challenges that the team will address, drawing on experience from many projects. Step by step, they will develop an individual solution with support from the development, application and service departments. Test machining operations, clamping equipment and tool tests are included in the scope of services along with testing of the material behavior. This means that the quality of the processes and products can therefore be verified and optimized in the preliminary stages. This ensures reliability, cuts costs and guarantees that your new machining process will run smoothly from the word go.

  • Comprehensive process design
  • Skilled engineering and experienced project management
  • Validation of statistical process capability
  • Assurance of target productivity
  • Customized automation
  • Production support during the initial phase
  • Training sessions for optimal use of the manufacturing solution
  • Tailored services over the entire life