The CHIRON Group, headquartered in Tuttlingen, is a global company specializing in CNC vertical milling and mill-turn machining centers, as well as turnkey manufacturing solutions. The Group has a global presence, with production and development sites, sales and service subsidiaries, and sales agencies worldwide. Around two thirds of machines and solutions that are sold are exported. Key customer sectors are the automotive, mechanical engineering, medicine and precision engineering, aerospace industries and tool production.

The CHIRON Group specializes in the development and manufacture of automated vertical machining centers for the machining of complex workpieces at minimal costs and also provides comprehensive services and digital support for optimal machine operation. The optimization of the life cycle cost is the main focus. With the world's fastest tool change systems and holistic, productive manufacturing solutions including automation technology, the CHIRON Group sets the standards for dynamics and accuracy.

The CHIRON Group comprises the brands CHIRON STAMA and FACTORY5, associated with new machines, as well as the retrofit brand CMS. The key feature of all the brands is precise, productive and flexible machining. CHIRON has a reputation for optimum dynamics. STAMA focuses on stability and heavy machining. CMS provides completely overhauled machines from the Group, including related services. With products and solutions for additive manufacturing, the CHIRON Group supplements its core competencies.

Founded in 1921 as a workshop for the manufacture of precision mechanical equipment and surgical instruments, the CHIRON-Werke made a successful entry in the development and manufacture of vertical machining centers for metal-processing operations during the 1950s. Since 1957, the Hoberg & Driesch group of companies in Dusseldorf has owned CHIRON-Werke. STAMA has been a part of the corporate group since 1997, CMS was founded in 2000.