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CHIRON Open House 2017: about 1.640 visitors from 26 countries

About 1,640 guests visited this year’s Open House. The highlight of the exhibition was the premiere of the high-efficiency DZ 08 S five axis precision+ and FZ 08 S five axis precision+ processing centers.

Dr.-Ing./U. Cal. Markus Flik, Chairman of the CHIRON Management Board, calls the DZ 08 S five axis precision+ the "probably fastest twin-spindle five-axis machine in the world".

Wear-free linear drives are used in the new twin-spindle DZ 08 S five axis precision+.

Up to 50% more productivity: the single-spindle FZ 08 S five axis precision+ (left) and the DZ 08 S five axis precision+ with two spindles.

  • precision+: Innovative drive concept for increasing the productivity of machining by up to 50% on two new machines
  • New web-based "RemoteLine" Teleservice increases machine availability

(Tuttlingen, April 6th, 2017). Two new machining centers, offering up to 50 percent more productivity thanks to precision+ technology, were the highlights at this year's CHIRON Open House at the end of March. In addition, the Group presented a tool with the new web-based "RemoteLine" Teleservice, which minimizes downtime and increases machine availability. Interface-free automation solutions with their own "Variocell" robot cell supplemented the in-house exhibition, which was focused on industry 4.0 concepts and plant efficiency.

During the three exhibition days in Tuttlingen, 1,640 visitors, including about a quarter from abroad, informed themselves about the Group's portfolio, which includes the brands CHIRON, STAMA and SCHERER as well as CMS. The product range extends from retrofitting to integrated automation solutions and turnkey complete systems from a single source. Several dozen machining centers at work showed the many possible applications of the machines.

All guests were looked after personally

Because CHIRON puts particular emphasis on personally looking after our guests at its annual house fair, our employees guided the visitors through the exhibition grounds, explaining innovations and helping to develop project ideas.

The Open House was accompanied by a lecture series that presented prospective customers with technologies and strategies for increasing efficiency in production. In addition, visitors were able to find out about 31 co-exhibitors from the field of metal processing who had their own stands there.

"Welcome to Vertical Innovation": Up to 50 percent more productivity in five-axis machining with precision+

The "probably fastest twin-spindle five-axis machine in the world" – that's what Dr.-Ing./U. Cal. Markus Flik, Chairman of the CHIRON Management Board, calls the new DZ 08 S five axis precision+, which had its premiere together with the single-spindle FZ 08 S five axis precision+ at the in-house exhibition. The high-dynamic precision package, which was already presented at the AMB on the FZ 08 S mill turn, is based on a new drive concept, among other things. A change from ball screws to non-contact electromagnetic linear guides in the X/Y/Z axes increases the maximum possible jerk and the speed gain factor and ensures a noticeable increase in dynamics.

As a result, surface and control precision increase. Workpieces can also be machined with a higher path velocity. Dynamic torque drives are used in the A and C axes. In addition, structural components were optimized and machine rigidity was increased.

Saving time while maintaining higher precision

In direct comparison to the predecessor, the precision+ variant exhibits a clear productivity gain: tests in the run-up to the Open House with aluminum impellers of different sizes resulted in a time savings of between 20 and 51 percent along with greater precision.

A new fixture changing system has also been specially developed for impeller production that allows easy clamping and loosening from the top – without having to dismantle other components. An optimized interference contour also ensures optimal accessibility and allows the use of short tools.

Water-cooled drives in all axes ensure the necessary thermal stability of the new machine as well as the milling spindles, which achieve a speed of 40,000 rpm. The magazine accommodates up to 2 x 48 tools and can be loaded and unloaded parallel to production time. Furthermore, the high-performance center can be fully automated with the "Variocell" handling robot.

Manufacture more intelligently with "RemoteLine"

With the new "RemoteLine" software tool, CHIRON enables a web-based remote diagnosis of machines from different manufacturers, thereby increasing their availability. In the event of a fault, a qualified error message is automatically sent by SMS or e-mail to the operator's maintenance department and to CHIRON's service. If the customer wants online maintenance, at the push of a button they can give the service technician access to the current machine data, such as the engine temperature and the running performance of the axes.

The technician can make changes in the NC programming immediately and also support the planning of maintenance work and the ordering of wear parts. An optional live monitoring of critical components further reduces downtime.

When transferring data, the Group gives security the utmost priority: each connection is re-encrypted and has to be confirmed by both parties. An exchange of data via the server in Germany is only done when the customer enables online maintenance.

Future maintenance with augmented reality help

CHIRON also demonstrated opportunities for remote maintenance with augmented reality headset, which visitors could try out at the trade show. Using the headset display, for example, production data on the currently viewed machine or checklists can be displayed for maintenance purposes. In case of service, external technicians could be called up via the camera and given instructions for troubleshooting.

Industry 4.0 with "SmartLine"

The Group offers "SmartLine" tools for process optimization at all stages of the machine lifecycle. Along with "RemoteLine", this also includes "DataLine", a platform for integrated machine and process diagnostics that allows control of the machinery from any browser-capable terminal. CHIRON also offers "ProcessLine", which is software for automatic programming and simulation of NC programs.

Further additions for "SmartLine" are scheduled for the EMO in September. Quality and collision checking are expected to be the focus here.

Group offers complete program

At the Open House, the CHIRON Group also presented solutions from a single source, in which the competencies of the members complement each other. Together the Group is building, for example, multi-machine systems and turnkey solutions for unmanned production in various industries.

Common automation solution "Variocell"

The jointly developed "VariocellUno" compact robot cell is used for the automation of machining centers. This brings together handling robot and a workpiece storage unit with space for twelve pallets all on a floor space of less than one square meter. The solution can be expanded by a variety of equipment options or can be individually adapted to the needs of production in the "VariocellSystem" version.

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The CHIRON Group, headquartered in Tuttlingen, is a specialist in CNC-controlled vertical milling and turning centers with production and development facilities, sales and service offices as well as trade missions on four continents. The Group achieved sales of approx. € 460 million with around 2,000 employees; roughly two-thirds of machines and solutions sold are exported. Major purchasing industries include the automotive industry, mechanical engineering, medical and precision engineering as well as aerospace. The CHIRON Group consists of four brands: CHIRON, STAMA, SCHERER and the retrofitting specialist CMS. CHIRON primarily stands for speed and precision while at STAMA, the emphasis is on robust milling machines and heavy cutting and SCHERER relies on multifunctional vertical pickup turning centers. The CMS as a subsidiary in Neuhausen ob Eck offers retrofit machines by the Group as well as corresponding services.

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