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Preliminary Report CHIRON at the EMO 2017

CHIRON presents 5-axis machining in the shortest possible time with its double-spindle DZ 08 S five axis PRECISION+ machining center.

Integrated automation solution with VariocellUno for turning with a SCHERER VDZ 100/DS and milling with a CHIRON DZ 12 W.

CHIRON also offers digital options for production optimization under the general name "Smartline".

  • CHIRON at the EMO: highly productive 5-axis machining, automation solutions and digital options for production optimization
  • Live machining demonstrations of numerous industry solutions
  • Trade fair innovation: The DZ 08 FX PRECISION+ for maximum dynamics
  • September 18-23, Hall 12, Booth C04

(Tuttlingen, August 3rd, 2017). Machine tools for efficient and precise 5-axis machining, system solutions for automation and digital options for production optimization are the focus of CHIRON's trade fair presence in 2017. In hall 12, stand C04, the company will be exhibiting as CHIRON Group together with STAMA, SCHERER Feinbau and the retrofit specialist CMS.

Numerous manufacturing solutions, some of them partly automated, will be presented, demonstrating live how products for different industries are being machined. The range extends from dental angle heads and stainless steel bone plates from medical technology through to cylinder heads and longitudinal beams for the automotive sector, turbine parts for aerospace and hydraulic blocks for mechanical engineering.

Under the general name "SmartLine" the Group is exhibiting software modules for intelligent machine control, digital networking and machine communication.

Fast 5-axis machining with the DZ 08 S five axis PRECISION+

For the first time, the double-spindle machining center DZ 08 S five axis PRECISION+ will be exhibited at a trade fair, featuring extremely high productivity thanks to its PRECISION+ technology. It has a maximum torque of 7 Nm at a power of 14 kW and reaches a speed of up to 40,000 rpm with a run-up time of only 1.9 seconds. The high dynamics are demonstrated by an acceleration of 10 m/s2 in the X axis, 17 m/s2 in the Y axis, and 20 m/s2 in the Z axis. A speed of 75 m/min (X/Y) and 100 m/min (Z) can be reached in rapid traverse. The results are chip-to-chip times of 3.0 seconds and a tool change in about 0.8 seconds.

The "PRECISION+" technology uses non-contact linear direct drives in the X, Y and Z axes. They enable a greater jerk and thus reach the feed speed faster. In addition, higher trajectory speeds are achieved, increasing quality of control and surface quality. Direct measuring systems ensure highest precision in all axes. The new product will be shown producing stainless steel bone plates.

In addition, CHIRON is exhibiting the five-axis milling center FZ 12 S five axis MAGNUM as well as the FZ18 FX MAGNUM with an expanded working area. These mill blisks for aircraft turbines and hydraulic control blocks.

"Mill Turn": Simultaneous milling and turning

For milling and turning at the same time, machining centers with “Mill Turn” technology, such as the FZ 08 S mill turn PRECISION+, are recommended. A combination of swivel head, turning spindle, turning turret and counter spindle allows machining of complex workpieces with five axes and from six sides.

Complete system for automated turning and milling

As an example of a extensively automated system, CHIRON will present a complete system for double-spindle turning and milling of cylinder head components that have been developed together with SCHERER Feinbau. This interface-free combination solution, consisting of a vertical turning center VDZ 100 DS by SCHERER and a CHIRON DZ12 W machining center with a workpiece changing device and an integrated VariocellUno robot cell. This solution is optimized for unmanned production with predictable throughput times without stock.

Consistent expansion of the software division

A key aspect in automation are intelligent software modules, that CHIRON offers under the general name "Smartline". "DataLine", an app that can be configured to meet specific application requirements, serves to diagnose the machines and its processes. It is collecting data from workpieces, tools and the machining center itself, processes these and forwards them to the desired department in the company. In serial production, it helps to identify even small process deviations and their causes. This improves machine availability.

Additionally, there is a tool for web-based remote diagnostics and maintenance ("RemoteLine") as well as one for the programming automation and simulation of NC programs ("ProcessLine").

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About the CHIRON Group:

The Chiron Group, located in Tuttlingen, is a specialist in CNC-controlled vertical milling and turning centers. It has production and development facilities, sales and service offices as well as sales representatives worldwide. The Group achieved sales of approx. € 460 million with around 2,000 employees. Roughly two-thirds of machines and solutions are exported. Major customer industries include automotive, mechanical engineering, medical and precision engineering as well as aerospace.

The Chiron Group provides with Chiron, Stama, and Scherer three brands for new machines and the retrofitting specialist, CMS. All brands stand for high precision manufacturing. Chiron primarily stands for dynamics and productivity while at Stama, the emphasis is on robust milling machines and Scherer focuses on multifunctional vertical pickup turning centers. CMS offers Chiron Group retrofit machines as well as corresponding services.

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