From integrated machining processes to teleservice

In the event of malfunction, the machine automatically sends a qualified error message (e-mail) about the machine condition to the customer‘s maintenance unit as well as the CHIRON hotline. In addition, with the consent of the operator, a direct connection to the machine control can be established in order to provide online support to the customer.

If you need the fastest possible support from CHIRON, all you have to do is press a button on your machine control in order to establish a secure (and encrypted) Internet connection between your machining center and CHIRON Service. Within a matter of seconds, RemoteLine finds and updates a detailed image of the state of your machine tool. Error messages from the machine are sent directly to maintenance by SMS or e-mail so that they can be acted on quickly.

Around the world and around the clock.

Advantages with CHIRON REMOTELine:

  • Increase availability and minimize downtime
  • Fast solutions through direct support from specialists
  • Data and machine condition received on the go
  • Troubleshooting without on-site service technicians
  • Diagnostic options adapted to your needs
  • Live monitoring of critical components (optional)
  • Highest data security powered by SIEMENS

All information available for download Remoteline.pdf (2.02 MB)

From everywhere to everywhere

REMOTELine– Communicative, fast, precise and efficient

On the road to the digital factory, RemoteLine offers a secure and reliable web-based teleservice. The efficient communication between machines and the CHIRON service opens up completely new possibilities for your production.

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