The innovative platform for integrated machine and process diagnostics

What‘s happening where? Which machine is idle? Has the machiningcenter already been refitted for the bottleneck job? etc.Whether on the computer, smart phone or tablet, with DATALine you alwayshave insight into your machine and process data wherever you are. Importantkey figures as well as productivity and availability considerations are regularlycalculated, stored, analysed and visualized. DATALine gives you the decisiveimpulse for the optimization of your production processes.

Advantages with CHIRON DATALine:

  • Visualization of the machine status and progress of the process
  • All the machines at a glance*
  • Customer-specific reaction to machine statuses
  • Current real time information about the machinery on any browser-enabled operating device
  • Less downtime thanks to effective evaluation of the machine data
  • Other customer-specific requirements can be realised

*CHIRON DATALine also enables the integration of third-party machines that have the latest Siemens / Fanuc controls. The mode of operation may be limited by manufacturer-specific restrictions.

Our DATALine basic package

Intuitive, integrative and transparent

The complete production process at a glance -
Regardless of machine manufacturer, CNC control and terminal

What you want and wherever you want it.
DATALine enables smooth and bi-directional communication between machinesand terminals. The documentation and visualisation of job, process and machinedata opens up completely new possibilities for your production. In this way, DATALine brings greater transparency to production processes, to be faster,safer and more efficient.

With DATALine, you can easily monitor, analyse and efficiently plan your production processfrom any location. Bringing together your planning with manufacturing by direct access toyour machinery gives you valuable information about optimization potentials for better productionflow, greater machine utilization and significant long-term productivity gains.

As a Smart Factory solution from CHIRON, DATALine is a cornerstone of the foundation forthe factory of the future.

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