The path to "Digitally enhanced machining" is prepared

Intelligent machine control, digital networking, mutual machine communication, if "Digitally enhanced machining" is mentioned, CHIRON may already has something to say.

Within the CHIRON Group, it has been dealt with such developments already at a time when the terms "Digitally enhanced machining" or "Smart Factory" have not even been characterized. With "CHIRON ProcessLine" and "CHIRON Condition based monitoring" - "Digitally enhanced machining" is already - in any case on the right track.

Now, another element has been added: With CHIRON Dataline, we have developed a new application and service platform for your production throughout all machines.

The tool ist provided for the Group-wide use in CHIRON, STAMA and Scherer machines. Other useful tools under the umbrella term "SMARTLine" will follow.