TURNKEY solutions from CHIRON

Turnkey CNC cutting with cost certainty

In a TURNKEY solution of CHIRON, we tell you how to produce a component faster, more efficiently and at lower cost – before production starts. We develop the complete production process for you and give you full transparency of costs.

We develop, manufacture and sell not only CNC machine tools of the highest quality – with TURNKEY by CHIRON, our engineers realize the most economical solution for your specific needs.

According to the respective machining strategy, they assemble an overall package composed of a CNC machining center, clamping devices, tools and modules for automation and program the production process. From a single source. With the optimal combination of perfectly adapted technology modules.

CHIRON TURNKEY is the answer to the question of how to produce a component in the most economical way

CHIRON TURNKEY makes it possible to optimally solve complex tasks. This ensures decisive competitive advantages for our customers. With TURNKEY by CHIRON, we offer not only the best CNC machining center to meet your production needs, but also all the necessary support to ensure that your production runs smoothly.

Because our experts for TURNKEY solutions tell you even before the first chips have fallen:

  • what each workpiece costs you,
  • how long you need for cutting,
  • which CNC machining center you need together with right configuration,
  • automation
  • and tools.

The CHIRON TURNKEY Center at the company's headquarters in Tuttlingen with its 5,000 sqm offers optimal conditions. About 100 employees of the construction department work there on complete turnkey solutions for the economical production of the components to be manufactured.

CHIRON ProcessLine: faster
As part of our TURNKEY processes, we use the ProcessLine planning process developed by CHIRON for optimized machine configuration. In this way, we can quickly and realistically simulate all the steps for an optimized TURNKEY solution.

The CHIRON TURNKEY process consists of five steps for turnkey CNC production:

Success Step 1 – We analyze

Our shared goal: The best manufacturing solution in the required quality at an attractive price and on the agreed date. For this, we analyze the production environment of your component.

  • Workpiece quality
  • Production constraints
  • Delivery specifications
  • Process requirements
  • Production strategy
  • Machine requirements
  • Clamping device
  • SPC test criteria
  • Acceptance terms

Success Step 2 – We design the concept

After analyzing the conditions for the optimum production of your component, we design the way in which you can produce faster, more efficiently and at lower cost.

  • The process strategy
    • critical testing criteria
    • the number of clamping positions / axes
    • single / multiple clamping
    • number of spindles
    • workpiece loading and automation
  • The clamping device
  • The processing tools
  • The CNC machining center and its equipment
  • The project presentation

Success Step 3 – We specify the details

CHIRON customers expect process capability, fast machining centers with shorter non-productive times, better cycle times, higher quality and proven components as the basis for lasting availability.

  • In a start-up meeting, the concept release
  • Regarding the construction, the specifics of
    • devices
    • tools
    • CNC machining center
    • automation
  • Regarding the production process by
    • CNC programming
    • 3D simulation
    • collision checking

Success step 4 – We implement

Once we have worked out the turnkey concept in detail, our goal is the timely implementation of the agreed service regarding cycle times, process capability and quality.

  • The realization of
    • clamping devices
    • tools
    • CNC machining center
    • automation
  • The process integration with
    • the statistical analysis of the collected data
    • starting up and optimizing
  • The documentation of all the steps taken
  • The validation of the process capability by
    • pre-acceptance at CHIRON
    • final acceptance by the customer

Success Step 5 – Profiting

Together we implemented your TURNKEY project – you profit by being able to produce components faster, more efficiently and at lower cost.

Even after the end of your TURNKEY project, we offer you extensive support any time you need it, so that your production will proceed in a precise, reliable and efficient way for years to come.

  • Assistance with production start-up and support
  • Training in operation, programming and maintenance
  • Service 24 / 7
    • from anywhere to anywhere
    • remote diagnostics
    • quickly on site for you
    • fast order processing
    • good availability of spare parts
  • Regular maintenance