Flexible automation

Even more performance through automation

A fully automated CNC machining center from CHIRON combines a consistently high production quality, flexibility, low unit costs and short lead times to constitute an optimal process.

For almost any application case and any editing task, CHIRON offers high-performance, fully automated complete solutions. From a single source and based on a CNC machining center from CHIRON.

We already have implemented hundreds of automation projects for our customers – with proven commercial success.

Components that we use in automation, for example:

  • Portal loaders
  • Handling robot
  • Machine-integrated workpiece gripper
  • Workpiece shuttle
  • Infeed and outfeed conveyor belts
  • Infeeds from bar stock and bar loader
  • Pallets

Seamless automation from one source For the automation of your processes, we offer various automation solutions: the integrated VariocellUno automation in a very small area and the flexible and individually configurable Variocell System automation solutions.

Automation with VariocellUno

Flexible and cost-effective automation within a minimum area

VariocellUno offers integrated and cost-effective automation in less than one square meter of space. It is a compact unit consisting of a handling robot and a workpiece storage unit for loading and unloading of workpieces during machining

Many components for automation
The optional equipment of the VariocellUno with multiple gripper, turning station, brushing station, blowing station, pressing station, measuring station, washing station, labelling station and many other components is suitable for flexible tasks up to 6-sided machining.

Strong performance – technical data of the VariocellUno robot cell

Max. load-bearing capacity
5 kg
Max. range
704 mm
Max. number of pallets
12 Pieces
Pallet size
400 x 300 mm
Max. pallet weight
10 kg

Advantages of a flexible and cost-effective automation with VariocellUno by CHIRON

  • Machining center and robot cell from one source
  • Integrated automation for your machining center of the CHIRON Series 08 to 18 from a single source
  • Compact design for high productivity with a low space requirement of less than a square meter
  • High efficiency for more profit
  • High storage capacity
  • Simple operation and programming
  • Raw and finished part pallets can be replaced during machining
  • Double gripper robot for quick workpiece change (option)
  • Integrated measured part output
  • Robot can be used for additional tasks
  • Easy-to-access work area
  • Large door opening dimension for easy set-up
  • Quick set-up and commissioning
  • Rollers for easy mobility within the factory

Automation with VariocellSystem

Individually configurable automation with VariocellSystem

With the individually configurable CHIRON VariocellSystem automation solutions, you can significantly increase the efficiency of your machining center. Because VariocellSystem offers a variety of space-saving solutions for highest customer requirements.

Advantages of individual automation with VariocellSystem:

  • Determination of individual requirements
  • Customized design
  • Machining center and automation from a single source