We modernize your CHIRON CNC machining center

It is not always necessary to purchase a new CNC machine tool. New requirements and tasks can often be met efficiently and economically by an existing CNC machine after it has been upgraded.

Retrofitting and upgrading of CNC machine tools at a fixed price
Our team can develop offers for you to retrofit or modernize your system at a fixed price. Complete solutions in the drive area, adaptation to customer-specific devices, and the most modern monitoring and measuring technology increase the reliability of your CHIRON CNC machining center and ensure productivity. You will receive all services – from quotation to commissioning – from a single source by our competent team of specialists.

The benefits of upgrading your CHIRON CNC machining center:

  • With a CHIRON upgrade, you can adjust your manufacturing processes to current or new customer requirements at low cost
  • Your CHIRON CNC machining center will significantly increase in value and performance
  • By using and retrofitting to the latest technologies, you will improve production quality
  • Your CNC machining center will receive a complete upgrade to the latest state-of-the-art technology
  • All services are at the highest CHIRON level of quality and technology