Technologies at CHIRON

Cutting-edge technologies to be "seconds ahead"

"Seconds ahead" means that machining with CNC machining centers from CHIRON is faster, more economical and more accurate than machining with other tools. In order to be able to continue providing you with this competitive edge, our engineers and technicians intensively work on the utilization of new and improved materials, controls, drives, tools, automation technology, sensors.

Powerful CNC Milling and efficient High Speed Manufacturing
The wishes and requirements of our customers are the focus of our efforts in Research and Development at CHIRON. These efforts have resulted in specific application-oriented solutions for economical CNC cutting in specific tasks.

Application-related technologies from CHIRON for economical CNC cutting:

  • Efficient profile machining
  • Highly productive 5-axis machining
  • Multi-spindle machining: More spindles equal more productivity
  • Powerful long-bed machining and pendulum machining
  • MT technology and bar machining