Efficient profile machining

Economic CNC cutting of profiles

CHIRON multi-functional machine tools for profile machining integrate the entire CNC cutting in a minimum area: Milling, drilling, turning, countersinking, reaming, thread-cutting, sawing.

With a machining center from CHIRON, you can produce ready-to-install workpieces from profiles. Efficient and productive for small batches as well as for large series – with high quality and lower unit costs with infeed and outfeed of profiles up to 11 m in length.

CNC cutting of profiles with machine tools from CHIRON impresses with extremely short cycle times and unbeatable conversion flexibility.

Advantages when machining profiles with CHIRON

  • Lower unit costs due to the high productivity of the process
  • Excellent production quality by machining in one set-up
  • Minimal set-up costs due to changing batch sizes and variants
  • Automation by different loading and unloading systems
  • Powerful machining
  • Cost-effective clamping design
  • Low-personnel production