Multi-spindle machining

More spindles equal more productivity

CNC machine tools from CHIRON with a single spindle are already productive, but when using a machining center with two or four spindles, you can multiply your productivity. The simple formula is: twice the number of workpieces in the same amount of time. Because with two high-performance spindles, several workpieces can be completely machined on up to five sides simultaneously in one set-up.

Reduce costs by up to 40% with two spindles
Well thought-out machine ideas with two spindles, like the CHIRON 2-spindle machine, in connection with perfected high-performance tools, fine-tuned to the machining task, significantly reduce the production time per workpiece. When setting up four workpieces, for example, the costs can be reduced by up to 40%!

Faster machining, highly productive machining and extremely short floor-to-floor times are CHIRON's fundamental goals. Furthermore, our efforts are concentrated on higher machine availability and process reliability – for your profit.

Advantages in using CHIRON machine tools with several spindles

  • Two spindles: Doubled productivity
  • Two spindles with 4-fold set-up: only one tool change for four parts reduces non-productive times
  • Production machine with proven robust and automatic workpiece changer for maximum service life
  • Extremely short chip-to-chip times
  • Workpiece changing device with central splash guard and easy access for reliable loading and unloading parallel to production time
  • Set-up with 2-axis NC swivel rotary table or NC rotary table with a basic device for profitable multi-sided machining
  • Larger work area for larger workpieces or multiple set-ups