Powerful long-bed machining and pendulum machining

Powerful and efficient

CHIRON renders pendulum machining efficient: Fast, high-performance long-bed production in pendulum mode or with multiple set-ups for efficient workpiece machining.

The work area of the long-bed machining center can be divided into two areas by the splash guard. The advantage: loading and unloading during machining and reduction of non-productive times to a minimum.

Benefits of long-bed and pendulum machining with CHIRON machine tools

  • Long traverse paths with compact exterior machine dimensions
  • Long X-axis traverse paths: 2,000 / 3,000 / 4,500 / up to 8,000 mm
  • Precise machining of long parts without central splash guard
  • Loading and unloading during machining due to pendulum machining with a central splash guard
  • Easy crane loading of large and heavy devices as well as workpieces
  • Large workspaces allow multiple set-ups for reduced idle times and optimal productivity
  • Fast pick-up tool changer
  • Powerful CNC milling and highest precision
  • Ideally suited for dry machining and cutting with high chip accumulation
  • High machine availability and process reliability
  • User-friendly, easily accessible work area with perfect ergonomics
  • Large door opening dimension for easy set-up
  • Traversable control panel