High Speed Technology

High Speed Cutting and High Speed Manufacturing

Our slogan "Seconds ahead" is a continual incentive to keep making every CHIRON CNC machining center a little bit more efficient. For high achievements in CNC cutting, in high-speed cutting and high-speed manufacturing.

Engineers and technicians from CHIRON work hard and professionally to achieve one goal: the leading position for our customers. As a manufacturer of vertical and horizontal CNC machine tools and supplier of TURNKEY solutions, we are only satisfied with the best results. Thanks to the intensive and trusting cooperation with our users, we are able to achieve our individual production goals quickly and successfully.

"Seconds ahead" – maximum productivity and CNC cutting at top speed
Many components contribute to your ability to be "seconds ahead" with CNC machines from CHIRON.

Speed with system: CHIRON components for High Speed Cutting and High Speed Manufacturing

  • Fast CHIRON motor spindles
  • Highly productive, precise and reliable machine tools
  • Quick tool change
  • Efficient workpiece change
  • Innovative linear motor
  • Flexible automation
  • Individual consulting up to turnkey solutions
  • Quick service

Tool change

Tool change

Tool change from half a second

Our patented systems for tool change are quick as a flash, with excellent position accuracy and reliability: CNC machine tools from CHIRON achieve tool changing times from 0.5 s thanks to cutting-edge technology.

Chip-to-chip time as fast as 0.5 seconds
The high tool-changing speed is one of the reasons why a machining center from CHIRON achieves extremely fast chip-to-chip times starting from 0.5 seconds. During the course of a year, these seconds ahead can add up to several hundred hours of additional production and greater throughput.

The CHIRON systems for rapid tool change

  • Basket tool changer
  • Pickup chain magazine / Pickup chain magazine in double shaft version
  • Background magazine

Pick-up chain magazine: single or double with two shafts
Do you need a particularly large number of tools for complex CNC cutting and complete machining of workpieces. For this, we provide extremely rapid pick-up chain magazines.

Two systems for the rapid exchange of up to 128 tools for HSK-50
The pick-up chain magazine is also suitable for larger tool diameters and tool lengths. In the double-shaft version, there is enough space in two magazine compartments for 128 tools for HSK-50 – even without a separate background magazine. In this way, the complete machining of complex components is achieved particularly quickly.

The basket tool changer allows a fast pace
The fast basket tool changer from CHIRON scores points with maximum speeds during tool change. It offers highest positioning accuracy; in this way, the basket tool changer can change tools in any position in the work area.

The basket tool changer is also suitable for larger tool diameters and tool lengths. It can easily be expanded with a workpiece gripper, processing tools, probes and angle heads which are supplied with energy by the basket tool changer.

The advantages of the CHIRON basket tool changer

  • Tool changing times from 0.5 s
  • Chip-to-chip time as fast as 1.7 s
  • Provisioning time = 0.0 s
  • Variable tool-changing plane
  • Magazine search without vibrations
  • For larger tool diameters
  • For larger tool lengths
  • Expandable with workpiece grippers, probes, angle heads
  • Longer service life
  • Uninterrupted operation
  • Service-friendly

The background magazine for up to 226 tools
Do you need a particularly large number of tools for the complex CNC cutting of workpieces. To achieve a rapid tool change with a CHIRON machining center, individual background magazines put 226 tools and more at your disposal during machining.

Complex CNC cutting
If you want to achieve maximum speed when milling, drilling, turning, countersinking, reaming, thread-cutting and sawing and want to machine workpieces in many ways with a large number of tools, the background magazine is the right choice for you. It is available for all CNC machine tools from CHIRON.

Workpiece change

Workpiece change

Time-saving due to loading and unloading during machining

The rapid workpiece change in CHIRON tools significantly contributes to the particular productivity and efficiency of machining centers from CHIRON.

With a workpiece changing device from CHIRON, complex manufacturing tasks can be solved in a highly productive and fast manner. The loading and unloading of the machining center takes place during machining, thus minimizing non-productive times.

NC rotary tables for multi-sided machining in one set-up
The integrated IWW workpiece changing device ensures short non-productive times due to a rapid workpiece change in a CHIRON machining center.

CHIRON NC rotary tables for quick workpiece change:

  • Swivel range up to +/-120°
  • High load capacity
  • Torque drives for high dynamics and positioning accuracy

Loading and unloading large and heavy workpieces with the TWW during machining
The CHIRON drum workpiece changing device (TWW) for loading and unloading during machining of large and heavy workpieces causes a significant reduction of non-productive time and thus ensures highly productive machining.

The advantages in replacing large and heavy components with the CHIRON drum workpiece changing device:

  • Solid and reliable technology – developed and manufactured by CHIRON
  • Backlash-free pre-tensioned precision gear with high overload capacity and large holding torque
  • Highest precision in positioning and simultaneous operation
  • Zero-point clamping systems can be integrated
  • Integration of up to four face plates for efficient 4-axis or 5-axis machining

Strong performance – technical data of the CHIRON drum workpiece changing device:

Workpiece changing device
0° – 180° for loading and unloading during machining
Bridge dimensions
1250 mm / 1900 mm
Max. interference circle
Ø 800 mm
Face plate
2x Ø 400 mm / 4x Ø 280 mm
Maximum workpiece dimensions
2x Ø 600 x 500 mm / 4x Ø 300 x 500 mm
Swivel range
-40° / +200°
Borehole pattern
M16 x Ø 15H7 x 50 mm
Workpiece changing time
3,5 s
Maximum table load per table side
1000 kg, maximum weight difference between the two sides of the table 400 kg
Transport load per face plate
max. 250 kg
Faceplate speed
max. 200 / 1000 rpm

Linear motor

Linear motor

High accelerations and contour accuracy

For special requirements in CNC cutting, CHIRON provides the machine tools of some series also with a linear motor in the X and Y axes. Glass scales and digital drive technology allow high accelerations with the same contour accuracy.

Dynamic, wear-free, accurate:
CHIRON linear motors
CHIRON linear motors operate without wear, require no maintenance and ensure rapid traverse speeds of up to 90 m/min with high precision. The integrated water cooling system provides excellent thermal stability, which ensures a continually high accuracy.