The result is perfection – to the smallest detail

  • Implants such as spinal implants
  • Fragment plates
  • Pedicle hooks
  • Vertebral body replacement
  • Prostheses such as knee joint prostheses
  • Components for instruments such as surgical instrument handles

Cutting-edge technologies in CNC machine tools for the highest standards regarding precision, reliability and productivity – this is CHIRON's reputation with customers from the medical technology industries. We have been offering solutions for manufacturers of medical components for more than 80 years.

Precision, reliability and productivity for the medical technology industries
And for over 50 years, CHIRON has been developing and providing CNC machine tools for the production of complex medical instruments, devices and components. As a single CNC machining center, for high-speed cutting and high-speed manufacturing or as a TURNKEY solution: CHIRON offers precision, reliability and efficiency.

Top companies and leading innovators in the medical technology industries use CNC machine tools made by CHIRON to manufacture workpieces, implants, prostheses and instruments made of gold or platinum, titanium or stainless steel.

CHIRON Medical and Precision Technology Center in Tuttlingen
At the in-house Medical and Precision Technology Center at the company headquarters in Tuttlingen, CHIRON engineers and technicians with a background in medical technology develop top medical products and economic manufacturing processes in collaboration with the customers.

In the Medical and Precision Technology Center, CNC cutting for precision technology is developed further, optimized, tested and made ready for series production.

In this way, the quality of the manufacturing processes and medical devices can already be verified in advance of series production. This provides security and saves costs.

Services of the Medical and Precision Technology Center

  • Optimization of machining of components in collaboration with the customer
  • Optimization of manufacturing processes
  • Test processing
  • Clamping device and tool tests
  • Testing of the material behavior
  • Training courses

The CHIRON range for the medical technology industries

  • TURNKEY: Turnkey solutions from one source
  • Integrated automation
  • Various CNC machine tools for any application
  • Customized maintenance and service packages
  • Custom-designed training programs

All information available for download Precision Medical.pdf (5.07 MB)