Through the course of time

Staying ahead by tradition

As a manufacturer of surgical instruments in the early years, of compressors in the 1950s and of ultra-fast CNC machine tools today, CHIRON has always been innovative and has maintained a decisive lead at all times.

As a global and leading manufacturer of vertical CNC machine tools and turnkey solutions, CHIRON will continue to set the standards in high-speed cutting and high-speed manufacturing.

CHIRON wins customers by

  • Precision machines for the highest standards with regard to speed, quality and efficiency
  • Experience potential for customized, turnkey complete solutions
  • Worldwide service available around the clock.
  1. 1921
  2. 1943
  3. 1945
  4. 1949
  5. 1957
  6. 1958
  7. 1972
  8. 1981
  9. 1993
  10. 1996
  11. 1999
  12. 2001
  13. 2004
  14. 2005
  15. 2010
  16. 2011
  17. 2012
  18. 2013
  19. 2014
  20. 2015

CHIRON's heyday as a manufacturer of surgical instruments. Main catalogue number 10 contains about 30,000 articles.

Next, several subsidiaries in the Tuttlingen area open.


Apart from medical equipment for the German army, CHIRON also manufactures components for the first jet engine.


After the end of the Second World War, CHIRON continues manufacturing surgical instruments and begins with the development and production of compressors and paint spray guns.


Small cars are developed and built at CHIRON. Production is abandoned after three prototypes. As a replacement, CHIRON increases its capacity in the field of low-pressure and high-pressure compressors and goes into the manufacture of plant protection equipment and road marking machines.


The Hoberg & Driesch Group acquires the controlling interest in CHIRON – a turning point in the company's history.


The development and manufacture of component parts for drilling, milling and thread cutting begins, thus laying the foundation stone for machine tool manufacture. Three years later the first special purpose machines are delivered.


Hour of birth of the machining center direction of business at CHIRON. The first turret head drilling machines are designed and built. Five years later the first vertical machining center, the FZ 32, was built which originated from these machines.


Development of the already almost legendary FZ 16 – the moving column machine with the fastest tool changer in the world. It established CHIRON's present reputation. From the FZ 16, a complete range of moving column machines emerged, for the manufacture of which licenses have been granted to Japan and Korea.


CHIRON establishes CHIRON America Inc. in Charlotte, North Carolina, as a sales and service company and expands in the US market. Three years later, the production of the FZ 12 is started at this location.


"Produce variety without retooling":

This was the motto when CHIRON presented its Flexline – a machine concept that meets the demand for lower unit costs while simultaneously increasing flexibility.


CHIRON develops the second generation of the double-spindle machines and brings out the new DZ 18 L onto the market again. CHIRON successfully began with 5-sided machining in one set-up with the FZ 12 S five axis. Sale of the compressed air business area.


Anniversary: CHIRON turns 80. Market introduction of the CHIRON MPS 08 for machining profiles as well as the universal MILL series. EMO 2001: The editorial staff of the professional journal "Maschinenmarkt" names the FZ 08.2 as the most innovative tradeshow product in the category of chip-producing machine tools and gives CHIRON the MM Award.


The Secretary of Education Edelgard Bulmahn presents CHIRON with the silver "Apprenticeship Champ" award (national competition).

CHIRON presents numerous new developments, such as the DUO, a flexible machining centre, which loads/unloads two machining centres with an integrated robot with pallet system.

Other new developments are the FZ 12K W linear speed, the DZ 18 W MAGNUM and the MILL 800 high speed for machining bar material.


The 5000 square meter CHIRON Forum is officially opened in September 2005.

EMO 2005 in Hanover: CHIRON receives the MM-Award for best trade fair innovation. Among the innovations, there was the new QUATTROCELL DUO and the four-spindle machining centre TZ 12K W for complete machining and deep drilling, as well as loading/unloading during machining.


Introduction of continuous assembly in the Neuhausen factory together with the expansion of the production and logistic areas.

Founding of CHIRON Istanbul in Turkey.


CHIRON America doubles its assembly floorspace by building a new hall.

Founding of CHIRON India in Bangalore, India

EMO: With the new DZ 08 S, now all compact machines are available as doublespindle machines – and that in the five axis machining center with four spindles.


CHIRON invests more than 10 million euros in the Tuttlingen location. Large hall construction including office wing for TURNKEY.

New machine design.


With the Baseline CHIRON enteres the market with a pre-configured machine line.


With the new FZ 08 S mill turn precision+ a new, compact and highly precise Turn-Mill machine gets presented at the AMB.


First shared booth of CHIRON, STAMA, SCHERER and CMS at the EMO tradeshow in Milan.