CHIRON: High Speed Manufacturing and TURNKEY solutions for metal processing

A CNC controlled machining center by CHIRON guarantees high-speed manufacturing and CNC machining with the highest quality and with maximum productivity: For milling, drilling, turning, countersinking, reaming, thread-cutting, sawing. Whether with a single spindle or up to four spindles, as a milling machine or with the complete functions of a lathe – CHIRON will provide you with the machining center that is configured exactly for your specific requirements. CHIRON offers CNC machine tools "Designed and Made in Germany".

TURNKEY "Made by CHIRON" – guarantees low unit costs
CHIRON TURNKEY: These are economical solutions for CNC machining, high-speed cutting and high-speed manufacturing from a single source. Starting with the planning and continuing to the complete series process, CHIRON delivers the "Seconds ahead" – if requested as a complete solution with extensive automation.

CNC controlled machine tools – highly accurate and efficient
The CNC controlled machine tools by CHIRON offer companies a high-precision and efficient way of manufacturing workpieces, among other things made of titanium, aluminum, steel, stainless steel, cobalt, chromium, gold, magnesium, Inconel, plastics and graphite. Many of them are market and technology leaders in the automotive and aerospace sectors, mechanical engineering, medical technology and precision engineering. They machine workpieces such as aircraft parts, vehicle parts, implants, prostheses, and watch parts or jewelry parts.


The right machine for each part

Select a machine suitable for your requirements by the size of its work area.


Market leaders trust CHIRON
CHIRON delivers CNC machine tools and turnkey solutions made to order and customized – modular, powerful, economical and ergonomic.


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